The International Conference & Exhibition on VisualEntertainment (ICEVE) is a major visual media production event in Beijing,China.

Aimed at both an academic and professional audience, theICEVE comprises two-days of exploration, discussion and demonstration ofcutting-edge production tools, techniques and technology spanning film,animation, visual effects and immersive media.

The ICEVE is built around four key objectives:

-    Inspiring innovative thinking

-    Addressing the key challenges faced by theindustry

-    Guiding participants towards futureopportunities

-    Providing a unique insight in to the Chinesevisual media industries

Hosted by the Beijing Film Academy, China’s most iconicfilm institution, ICEVE has become an essential event for visual mediaproduction professionals from China and around the world.  Since its foundation in 2011, more than10,000 filmmakers, visual artists, directors, researchers and professors haveattended the conference.


ICEVE focuses on the most cutting-edge film and television content production technology. It will focus to discuss high-quality images, advanced processes, VR/AR content production and future imaging.
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09:00-09:25Welcome speech
09:25-10:00Ceremony for 6th Chinese Advanced Imaging Award
Forum:AI and Film Production
Host:Fan Gong
10:00-10:30KeynoteSpeakerBaoquan Chen  
Chief Scientist, AICFVE
Dean of School of Computer Science & Technology and School of Software, Shandong University
10:30-10:50SpeechSpeaker Xin Tong  
Member of Science and Technology Committee ,AICFVE
Principal Researcher of Internet Graphics Group, Microsoft Research Asia
TopicFrom Interactive Graphics to Intelligent Graphics
10:50-11:10SpeechSpeakerWenxin Li
Vice Dean,School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science,Peking University
TopicWhen AI Meets Film
11:10-12:10PanelTopicWhat AI brings to Film Industry?
ModeratorBaoquan Chen
Participants Baoquan Chen,Xin Tong,Stephanie Maxwell、Wenxin Li,Lei Han(CEO,Linmon Digital Image)
12:30-14:00Lunch Time                                                  
Forum: VR Content Production
Host:Ashley Gong
14:00-14:20Signing ceremony of AICFVE's Strategic Partners              
14:20-14:50KeynoteSpeakerKun Zhou
Member of Science and Technology Committee ,AICFVE
Director, State Key Lab of CAD&CG ,Zhejiang University  
TopicComputer Graphics 2.0: Towards End-User-Generated 3D  Contents
14:50-15:10  Speech  SpeakerZhi Zeng
Senior Engineer,Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences;Chief Researcher, IDEALOEYE
TopicCreate a More Realistic “Reality”, Explore the Next Generation of Panoramic Photography
15:10-15:40SpeechSpeakerDominick Spina
Head of Film Technology, AMD Studios
TopicReal-time Visualization, High Power Compute and Rendering for Content Creation
15:40-16:00SpeechSpeakerSebastian Knorr
Senior Research Scientist,Trinity College Dublin
TopicV-SENSE – Extending Visual Sensation Through Image-Based Visual Computing
16:00-16:20     SpeechSpeakerZhigang Wang
Deputy Director,Department of Information Art & Design,Academy of Arts & Design,Tsinghua University
Creative Director,E- GO                
TopicReflection on the Noumenon of Virtual Reality Art
16:20-16:40SpeechSpeakerGianluigi Perrone
CEO,Polyhedron VR
TopicThe Leadership of China in the Virtual Worlds: the Social VR Project Which is Going to Change the Future of Virtual Economy
17:00-18:00PanelTopicThe Future of Virtual Reality
ModeratorXun Luo
Professor of Computer Science, Tianjin University of Technology;
ParticipantsNikk Mitchell(CEO,FXG) 、Aihui Dong(Founder,VRision Film) 、Dominick Spina、Sebastian Knorr
Forum: High Quality Film Imaging & Workflow Innovation
Host:Ashley Gong
09:30-10:00KeynoteSpeakerKurt Akeley
International Adviser,AICFVE;CTO,Lytro,;Member,NAE;Co-founder,SGI
TopicLytro Immerge:Virtual Reality Cinema with Six-Degree-of-Freedom Viewing
10:00-10:20SpeechSpeakerJim Chabin
President,Advanced Imaging Society;President,Virtual Reality Society
TopicThe Next Generation of Consumers
10:20-10:50SpeechSpeakerBill Collis
TopicEmpowering Content Creation Workflow
10:50-11:10SpeechSpeakerStephanie Maxwell
Professor ,School of Film & Animation,Rochester Institute of Technology
A Unique Approach to Collaboration Across Artistic Disciplines for Creating Works of Art.
11:10-11:40SpeechSpeakerYongmeng Wang
TopicVFX Production Experience from Chinese Feature Film
11:40-12:40PanelTopicWorkflow Innovation on Imaging Technology
ModeratorCharles Wang
Researcher & Science and Technology Committee Member,AICFVE
ParticipantsBill Collis、Sarah Kinga Smith(Founder,Reverse Engineering Studios)、Jim Chabin  、Eric Liu、Jake Black、Yi Chen、
12:40-14:00Lunch Time
Forum: Future Imaging
Host:Ashley Gong
14:00-14:30KeynoteSpeakerLong Quan
Professor ,Department of  Computer Science and Engineering,Hong Kong University of  Science and Technology
TopicComputer Vision, Visual Learning, and 3D Reconstruction:Capturing the world in 3D with drones and smartphones!
14:30-14:50SpeechSpeakerJingyi Yu
Director ,Virtual Reality and Visual Computing Center, ShanghaiTech University
Topic Let VR/AR See and Think
14:50-15:10SpeechSpeakerRuigang Yang
3d vision chief scientist
Topic3D Vision for Content Creation and Beyond
15:10-15:30SpeechSpeaker Ludger Pfanz
Professor,Karlsruhe University of Art and Design;Founder, BEYOND Art Festival
TopicFuture Design
15:30-15:50SpeechSpeakerWeitao Song
TopicPresent State and Perspectives of Near-Eye Displays
15:50-16:10SpeechSpeakerKfir Aberman/Oren Katzir
TopicDip Transform for 3D Shape Reconstruction
16:10-16:30SpeechSpeakerToyomi Hoshina
Vice-President,Tokyo University of the Arts
TopicAttempts for Life and Visual Expression Devices
16:30-16:50SpeechSpeakerXiaoyong Qian
Director of Content,OxygenTec
TopicDissemination of Information
16:50-17:10SpeechSpeakerJake Black
Head of Virtual Reality ,Create Advertising Group
TopicCutting Edge VR Content in Hollywood
17:10-18:10        PanelTopicTrends on Future Imaging Technology
ModeratorLudger Pfanz
         Participnts      Baoquan Chen,Long Quan,Jingyi Yu,Ruigang Yang

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