The 6th China Advanced Image Award

Awards Presentation

The Chinese Advanced Imaging Award (CAIA) was created by the China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (CSMPTE) in 2012, which is also part of the I3DAIS Award nomination competition in China. The sixth CAIA will be held between June to October 2017, and all producers and individuals dedicated to the development of advanced imaging technologies are welcome to participate. International VR works are included in the competition, and will be appraised by an international board.  

Sponsor:China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
Organizer:Advanced Imaging Society China of China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers; Advanced Innovation Center for Future Visual Entertainment of Beijing Film Academy

Works Category

  • High-quality image

    High definition, High frame rate, High dynamic range, High color gamut 3D
  • Stereo (3D) class

    Film works, television works
  • Virtual reality

    Real story film, CG animated feature films, News and documentary


1. Competitors need to hand in:
1) A registration form (in Chinese and English). Please make sure of accuracy and precision because it cannot be revised and will be used for the award presentation and later publications.
2) A poster for award presentation and promotion. It has to be :
ⅰ. 16:9
ⅱ. A PSD file of 1920×1080 or higher
ⅲ. Used for only one work
3) Delivery:
ⅰ. High-quality videos and 3D works should be presented in DCPs, and mailed as data stored in hard drives.
ⅱ. VR panorama works should be in accord with the following requirements:
● Format: MP4 and H.264 are recommended.  Please state explicitly in the registration the necessary software or devices needed to play the work if the format is otherwise; or if playing the work requires more powerful computers than the ones of our board as specified below.
●FPS: min.30 for live actions, min.60 (90 recommended) for CGs
●Resolution: 3840×2160 or higher
●Length: Unlimited, but the story must be complete
  ⅲ. Specifications of the board’s computers:
●CPU: Intel i5/AMD Razen 1700X
●GPU: AMD Radeon 480 / R9 Fury
●OS: Windows 10
●Headset: Vive, Oculus, Playstation+PSVR
All related devices (including preparation and post-production) should be stated in the registration form.
ⅳ. Any delivered disk or hard drive must be marked with the author, title, genre and length of the work contained. English subtitle recommended. (All delivered materials will not be returned, so please make back-ups. All works unplayable and not delivered with necessary devices will be deemed disqualified.)

2. Any competitor (producer/individual) may register for all categories, but the works for each category must not exceed two.

  3. We accept works from 10 June to 20 October (date of postmark). All competitors must send required materials to before 20 October, 2017. Delayed registrations will not be accepted.

  4. The registration form can be downloaded on Please follow the rules specified on the form, and send the printed copy and the works for competition to:
  Room 303, C Building, 4 Xitucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing. 100088
  To: Fang Chengtian (Note “Advanced Image Competition” on the envelope)

 5. The executive board will inform the author if his work is accepted.


1.Each category has two kinds of awards: Best and Excellent. CSMPTE will present certificates and medals to all awarded works and their authors.

2.The Best works will be nominated as competitors of AIS Creative Arts International Awards, organized by Advanced Imaging Society (AIS), in the name of “AIS China Awards”.

Evaluation and Presentation

The evaluation will be completed before 10 October, 2017. The presentation ceremony will be attended by practitioners and officials of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), China Central Television (CCTV), China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), CSMPTE and AIS. Seminars, exhibitions and professional exchanges will be held at the same time. The date of ceremony is to be determined.


1.The executive board extracts no profit from the open exhibitions during evaluation. CSMPTE will nominate awarded works as competitors for AIS Creative Arts International Awards 2017 as “AIS China Awards” after evaluation. All competitors should thoroughly discuss with any copyright owners that may be involved in their works before filling the form, and provide related information accurately and truthfully. All information provided in the form will be deemed as legal grounds for copyright acquisition on the part of the executive board, and the author is solely and fully responsible for all legal disputes as the result of any information provided in the registration form.

2.Racist, religious, cultural discriminating, defaming of ethical traditional cultures, pornography and violence, and any content infringing national security and individual privacy are banned and proper grounds for canceling eligibility for any competing works.

 3.During the collection and exhibition stages, the board will promote and exhibit the selected entries on partner sites. Please state the choice concerning authoring the board with the Internet-related copyrights of the delivered work in filling the form, and the board will take the statement as legal grounds for copyright acquisition. The author is solely and fully responsible for all legal disputes as the result of any information provided in the registration form.

4.The author of any submitted work must guarantee its originality. The author is the sole bearer of all consequences of any dispute with third parties, and can be deprived of any honors and awards presented by the executive board.

5.The work which has already received award from other film festivals cannot be nominated.


If any issue or problem occurs, please contact:
Fang Chengtian (18611334324;