Advanced Image Exhibition

ICEVE 2017 Advanced Image Exhibition

  • 1000+Exhibition area
  • 20+Exhibitors
  • 3000+Professional audience
  • 30+Media

Exhibition Scope

International leading 4K, HDR shooting production techniques and equipment, 3D shooting and converting technology and equipment, 3D imager, 3D scanner, 3D measuring instrument, post-effect, cloud technology, panoramic video shooting technology and equipment, holographic projection technology, laser projection equipment, multimedia interaction, glasses-free 3D technology, VR & AR production software, spatial positioning system, environmental interaction device, motion capture, force feedback, inertial sensing and wireless transmission device, electromagnetic tracking, optical tracking, human motion tracker, voice interaction, gesture interaction, somatosensory interaction technology, natural image recognition technology, face recognition technology, image matching, image detection technology, panoramic broadcast program, enhanced reality technology, 3D modeling, real-time video display and control, multi-sensor fusion, scene fusion technology, simulation analysis software system, VR / AR development tools and various engines, computing visualization, etc.

Booth Layout


Film and TV IT VR / AR
Investors, producers, directors,Photographers, post visual effects, etc. Platform, developers, VC / fund, hardware technology R&D management VR/AR application industry management and technology